Intelligent Design The Definitive Source on ID

Study Intelligent Design

Study intelligent design through an online course, textbook textbooks, or in person with other scientists and students at a summer seminar.


Want to learn more about the scientific evidence for intelligent design? Take one of the self-paced video courses at DiscoveryU.


Discovering Intelligent Design

The Discovering Intelligent Design textbook is part of a comprehensive curriculum that presents both the biological and cosmological evidence in support of the scientific theory of intelligent design. Developed for middle-school-age students to adults, the curriculum also includes a workbook with learning activities and a DVD with video clips keyed to the content of the textbook.

Explore Evolution

Designed for high school AP biology and above, Explore Evolution objectively presents the scientific evidence both for and against key aspects of Darwinian evolution. It promotes inquiry-based learning, encouraging students to participate in the process of discovery, deliberation, and argument that scientists use to form their theories.

Summer Seminars

Are you a college student, graduate student, or professional who wants to study the evidence for intelligent design in depth with other students? Apply to one of Discovery Institute’s annual summer seminars for students and professionals.