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The Scientific Status of Intelligent Design

Underlying Darwin's repudiation of creationist legitimacy lay an entirely different conception of science than had prevailed among earlier naturalists. Darwin's attacks on his creationist and idealist opponents in part expressed and in part established an emerging positivistic "episteme" in which the mere mention of unverifiable "acts of Divine will" or "the plan of creation" would increasingly serve to disqualify theories from consideration as science qua science. Read More ›

What Intelligent Design Is — and Isn’t

So what is ID, really? ID is not a deduction from religious dogma or scripture. It’s simply the argument that certain features of the natural world — from miniature machines and digital information found in living cells, to the fine-tuning of physical constants — are best explained as the result of an intelligent cause. Read More ›

Searching Large Spaces

Searching for small targets in large spaces is a common problem in the sciences. Because blind search is inadequate for such searches, it needs to be supplemented with additional information, thereby transforming a blind search into an assisted search. Read More ›

Using Intelligent Design Theory to Guide Scientific Research

Intelligent Design theory (ID) can contribute to science on at least two levels. ID is concerned with inferring from the evidence whether a given feature of the world is designed. Secondarily, ID could function as a “metatheory,” providing a conceptual framework for scientific research. Read More ›

The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories

Stephen C. Meyer argues that no current materialistic theory of evolution can account for the origin of the information necessary to build novel animal forms. He proposes intelligent design as an alternative explanation for the origin of biological information and the higher taxa. Read More ›

Are We Alone?

The Gods Must Be Tidy!

If there is an intelligent designer behind this astonishingly complex work of art we call the world, he would be at least as artistically savvy as the artistically gifted among his creatures. Read More ›