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Intelligent Design Explained

Intelligent design begins with a seemingly innocuous question: Can objects, even if nothing is known about how they arose, exhibit features that reliably signal the action of an intelligent cause? Read More ›

The Meanings of Evolution

Many modern biologists have noted that the term "evolution" can mean different things. And this means that not all senses of evolution have the same epistemological standing. Read More ›

Survival of the Fakest

I became curious to see if I could find other mistakes in the standard biology texts dealing with evolution. Far from being exceptions, such blatant misrepresentations are more often the rule. Read More ›

The Fine-Tuning Design Argument

Almost everything about the basic structure of the universe — for example, the fundamental laws and parameters of physics and the initial distribution of matter and energy — is balanced on a razor’s edge for life to occur. Read More ›

An Evaluation of Ten Recent Biology Textbooks And Their Use of Selected Icons of Evolution Evaluated

In general, an “A” requires full disclosure of the truth, discussion of relevant scientific controversies, and a recognition that Darwin’s theory — like all scientific theories — might have to be revised or discarded if it doesn’t fit the facts. An “F” indicates that the textbook uncritically relies on logical fallacy, dogmatically treats a theory as an unquestionable fact, or blatantly misrepresents published scientific evidence. Read More ›

Intelligent Design as a Theory of Information

Intelligent design can be unpacked as a theory of information. In my paper I shall (1) show how information can be reliably detected and measured, and (2) formulate a conservation law that governs the origin and flow of information. Read More ›